LS-DYNA 2nd order elements in Hypermesh

The current version of Hypermesh does not support 2nd order elements for LS-DYNA. So this article shows how to modify the template to got these elements.

  • Download this template file : lsdyna_2nd_order_tpl
  • Create a small TCL script named « lsdyna_2nd_order.tcl » with following content:
set tpl "/home/user/lsdyna_2nd_order.tpl"
set myhmdir [file dirname [hm_info hmfilename]]
set output [file join $myhmdir "dyna_2nd_order.k"]
hm_answernext "yes";
eval *usercheck $tpl $output 1
  • I used Linux and my template is saved in my $HOME. So you have to adapt your path (1st line of script) where is the template was saved.
  • Download HM model example: lsdyna_2nd_order_hm

From Hypermesh session: File => Run => Tcl/Tk script => select TCL script « lsdyna_2nd_order.tcl ».

The output « dyna_2nd_order.k » will be saved in same folder as HM model.

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