Multiple Solid meshing

Thank to symmetry, we work only with 1/8 of assembly Split plate surface by the circle of cylinder: Create two 2D meshes Create 3D mesh of cylinder by method “drag elem” Create 3D mesh of plate by dragging 2 2D components Make full mesh by using symmetrical operations: Equivalent of nodes: And the final mesh:

LS-DYNA 2nd order elements in Hypermesh

The current version of Hypermesh does not support 2nd order elements for LS-DYNA. So this article shows how to modify the template to got these elements. Download this template file : lsdyna_2nd_order_tpl Create a small TCL script named “lsdyna_2nd_order.tcl” with following content: I used Linux and my template is saved in my $HOME. So you … Read moreLS-DYNA 2nd order elements in Hypermesh